November Newsletter

Time to give thanks for another eagerly awaited Pantheon Newsletter! This month they are serving up heaping portions of information starting with news about Pre-Alpha 4 and a new team member. Pre-Alpha 4 starts on November 25th and ends December 20th. That’s some great early Christmas presents for the Pre-Alpha testers! Ahh, Pre-Alpha, where you get to do more than watch a stream of someone playing Pantheon (you ACTUALLY GET TO PLAY!! .. I mean help test). Do you feel that you’ve missed out on the opportunity to help out with Pantheon? Fret not because for a limited time, pledges are open which will allow you to participate in Pre-Alpha.

Linda “The Brasse” Carlson has also started consulting Visionary Realms on Community Relations so we will see her around. Hi Linda!! Also, more team members will be joining up in the coming months. You can help accelerate the new additions by heading on over to pledge some money during the November 2018 Pledge Drive.

Oh, and check out these awesome new in-game models!!

This month’s newsletter also includes a lengthly segment called “Behind the Design” where the Perception System is discussed in nice detail. You will have heard of and seen some aspects of the Perception System during streams and other discussions online. In short, it’s a unique and intriguing method of handling quests without following the usual linear fashion of MMQ quest engines.

And to be truly immersive and expansive, the system would need to work with simple, mundane things as much as it did with grand points of interest. To make the game world feel like more than a line connecting two points, players need to always know that just over that little hill or around that tree could be a discovery that makes it worth looking.

Lastly, there’s a taste of the lore of Pantheon written by Justin Gerhart titled “Tales from the Fire”. Give it a read! It’s a great appetizer for the coming main course!