Gear Stats Philosophy

There's a great discussion on the Pantheon forums concerning the stats on gear which will be obtained within Pantheon. VR staff have weighed in several times with their take.

Kilsin mentioned in his initial response..

I think stats are important, it allows diversity between classes and creates a feeling of freedom when choosing what gear you want your character to wear, what I really do not like after learning a valuable lesson in VG is Equipped Effects (EEs) they are game breakers and pretty much swallow the Devs into a never ending gear sink, this is bad for everyone involved and harms the game in my opinion.

Joppa weighed in to explain what kind of gear viewers saw on Cohh during the stream and went on to discuss the current thoughts around stat caps..

Regarding the actual stat amount, I can say this: the current plan is for a soft cap of 50/hard cap of 60, including worn items and buffs, in a given stat at level 50. And this will not be easy to attain. You will have to make the decision and a concious effort to focus any of the attributes to raise them that high

Make sure you check out the thread in its entirety as it gives us all a good look at what to expect in game!